Hi loves! It's been a while (as always) I have been super busy with work and something we like to call 'life'. I finally was able to take photos of my office space. For a while, I was working on freelance jobs from my bed so I'm so happy that I get a designated space to be creative. It's super small but I'm also happy that I get to be creative around my husband since he's only a few steps behind me. We typically work on design jobs on the weekends or weeknights so it's pretty awesome to be with each other at these times.

By the way, I'm OFFICIALLY a designer for Laurel & Wolf so if you have any rooms you want me design for you, feel free to click the link and send your information my way >>>
ag interior design + cad

I really wanted my office space to be airy and bright with a pop of color somewhere. I saw this painting my very good friend, Lindsey made, I quickly fell in love with the texture and colors. Every time I saw this painting, I felt so inspired. You can visit Lindsey's blog here! Thank you so much, sis! 

The desk was made at my job and I love it so much. It was exactly what I asked for...simple and clean. My desk chair came from Joss & Main - it's perfect and super comfortable. The desk lamp is from Target's new line of brass and marble collection and it fits the space so well. This lamp also has a charger connection for your iphone! How awesome is that?

I love you guys! 




Last Friday I held a girls night in over at our house. I just wanted to gather some of my closest high school friends to serve them a special dinner while we shared great memories with one another. The night turned out so amazing. We laughed and laughed until we cried! then we laughed even more. Pretzel burger sliders and rosemary garlic potato wedges were on the menu along with some delicious Jam Jar red wine. I paired the red wine with some ginger ale and mint. It was quite a re-freshener. This was also a surprise birthday dinner for one of my best friends, Miss. Beatriz! I'm so glad she loved everything. We have all been together since elementary so it's always nice to get together one night and just catch up. I love them so much and I want to thank them for coming over and enjoying every second of it. 


A Blueberry Pie!

The one thing I love about the weekends is that I get to make that one amazing dessert for my family. My family is all about the sweets. I try not to get involved in the sugar but sometimes it's okay to have a small taste. Sugar is definitely my weakness. I've been slowly but surely getting into the habit of working out everyday and it's been great! I've been keeping up with my BBG program at home and I can finally see the difference. FINALLY - I'm beginning my 8 weeks on the program tomorrow too and I'm so happy with the results so far. 

Back to this recipe I took from All Recipes. I am not any pro but I'm sure learning and there has been major progress in the kitchen. In fact, there's been so much progress that I decided to host a dinner party this Friday night for my high school girls that I basically grew up with. I'm so excited to serve them and for them to try out what I can cook/bake.    

My plan was to cook a cherry pie but we had a whole carton of blueberries just waiting to be baked. I scratched the cherry filling and made the blueberry filling instead. My uncle and aunt also got super excited when they came over. So this is my first homemade blueberry pie! I'm proud of it and even though I got a small taste from it, the smell was pretty awesome and I'm glad my whole family got to enjoy it :) 


Favorite Links!

So it's officially back to school week for the little one in our household. My 5 year old nephew J will be heading back into the halls of his elementary school as a kinder kid. I think I'm more excited than he will ever be. I'm kinda sad too since time is going by so quick. By the time we know it, he will be graduating from high school. God willing. We did all our back to school shopping super early! I made a clear budget for his clothes and school supplies and surprisingly we hit that budget pretty good. I love back to school shopping. Speaking of back to school shopping - check out these cute children's stationary at Minted! I could use every single one of them.
While I take a break on thinking about Jayden's upcoming school year, We have been doing loads of research on tiny home interiors/decor. As many of you know, Aurelio and I have been considering on living the tiny life and we are writing all the pros and cons on living minimal. I love this decor concept on tiny living:

I love white and wood together right now. It's so pleasing to my eye and it's so clean. I don't know if we are really wanting to live under 200 sqft though. You can read all about this subject here. This sounds unrealistic for us. I think we could aim for bout 500 sqft maybe? We also have 2 grown cats that we also need to think about! I'm also loving these concept photos:

That green! LOVE everything. You can see this Barcelona home tour here!

Here are other fav links of mine from last week:

Delicious homemade blueberry pie that I actually made this evening with my family. This recipe will have its own blog post soon :)

Aurelio has been playing this game non stop and I actually like it. (No Man's Sky!)

Patiently waiting for my cookbook by Molly Yeh! I just love her and she's so inspiring!


I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!




What a week we had! Overall it was a busy and awesome week. We were busy most the weekend since we had to go clothes shopping for Jayden. I can't believe J will be in kinder already. This means us actually doing homework at night while also balancing our own things we need to do. I honestly love it and I can't wait to have children of our own. 

Remember my mom's before shot of her dining room? Let me remind me you with a photo. Yes I know, gross. I wanted to de-clutter her whole house and since then, we have all been doing better. It's crazy how you can look around your house and realize how much junk you have that is not needed. Aurelio and I live pretty minimal. We hate random stuff or materialistic things. It makes me happy that my mom takes notice and gets inspired by us at times. I know it's hard but we really need to think about what's important in life sometimes. Now here is the reveal of her brighter and pretty dining room. :)




Where has this morning gone? I woke up at 6:30 this morning in a panic thinking I was going to be late for work. I am not looking forward to school traffic all over again. I can get to work in less than 40 min but once school starts - it's over. 

This weekend I took my mom and my 5 year old nephew out to Lego Land in Grapevine. We hung out outside in the heat while my nephew enjoyed the water park.  After we got home, he requested an oatmeal cookie from scratch. I have become obsessed with baking from scratch and cooking in general. I whipped up this delicious/semi healthy treat for him. I am super proud of myself since I only got to eat half of one cookie. I started today with no sugar and so far, it's been alright...we will see when I get home and a stack of these cookies are sitting on top of the dining room table. LOL! You can find the recipe here. I just added cranberries to our batch. Super easy!

I added chocolate whip frosting and sprinkles onto Jayden's cookie since he thought it was too healthy for his tasting. Go figure. 

I also invested in a professional camera this weekend. :) Meet my new Canon T5! (see below photos...duh)  I also got another set of lenses for closer photos. I'm so in love. 

Yay to blogging and IG!




I wish I had a good excuse as why I haven't posted lately. To be honest, I don't - other than my full time job and what not. Aurelio and I just got back from another round of Colorado. This time we stayed in Golden, Colorado and it was probably 10x as beautiful as it was last time. We headed towards El Dorado State Park and stayed there most of our time. We went with his family this time and it was a trip to remember. We had amazing hole in the wall Mexican food and we basically ate until we collapsed. I'm seriously paying for it now. Here I am 3 lbs later wishing I had more self control. LOL. Anyways! We then headed towards St. Mary's in Idaho Springs. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER! we loved every bit of it. We just booked another Colorado trip for New Years and this time it will be just me and my husband. :) Can't wait to see more of this beautiful state. Investment property coming soon? Maybe, maybe...we will see!

I am currently looking for a more professional camera! I'm so excited to finally get my hands on one!