A Favorite Link Love

I never really wear jewelry. In fact, I have never even worn a ring that I was absolutely in love with until Aurelio proposed to me and gave me an amazing vintage gold diamond ring. I am all about that minimalism look now a days. There's nothing that makes me happier than walking around with a plain t, skinny jeans and a pair of black booties. I will talk about my black wooden heel booties later! (Must have for all women) I remember looking at minimal rings one morning through the gram and one company that stood out for me was Vrai & Oro. This jewelry company is based out of Los Angeles and tells the story of truth and gold. Real gold, that is. I fell in deep love with their minimal rings. The Skinny Stacking Ring to be exact. I don't know - I just love the whole simple and elegant look of a ring. You can pair it with anything. They even have midis in this collection. Anyway, Aurelio did notice that I have been eyeing this ring for a while now. One Saturday morning, Aurelio woke up and ran to our front door. He busted through the room door and sang, "It's hereeeee". I had no clue what he was talking about. He told me to close my eyes and slowly open. There it was. A beautiful Skinny Stacking Ring. JUST FOR ME! Can I just tell you guys, that I have an amazing husband. I'm not one for surprises and I usually know if someone is throwing me a surprise party and/or any surprise at that but Aurelio did an amazing job at not saying a word. My mom was even in and it's so hard for my mom to keep something on the hush sometimes. I love my minimal stacking ring. I was eyeing the 14k rose gold and that's exactly what Aurelio got me. Isn't it beautiful? 

What kind of jewelry are you all into? 


*photos by me


An Organized Workstation

I just love scrolling through the IG and finding the most amazing workspace photos. I know more than half of the time our workstations don't even look close to a photo we post on IG but it sure does look dreamy that one time where we actually have time to set it up and make it look amazing. I'm a true believer that a nice and clean workstation can make you work better. I've also realized that I work better when a desk is white. According to some people, white is a color of perfection - meaning that if we are in a work environment that is airy with white desks, people tend to work harder and are focused on what needs to be done. Anyone agree or disagree?

Aurelio and I have been on a hunt for lofts and one of my main points to have in a loft are huge windows and white walls. We have fallen in love with one building in particular but we haven't really made a final decision. A white space can create many possibilities with your decor. I'm not saying that you must be boring in your decor but you have a chance to express your interior design with pops of colors. And if you work from home, this can be a huge plus to bring in accents on your workstation as well. I love gold and white together so my current workstation brings in just that. I also have a pop of pale celadon within my stationary. I love it!



A quick glimpse of our master

I finally had the chance to paint one accent wall in our master. Aurelio and I love it! It's a definitely a calm color for a bedroom. We spend most of our time in our office and bedroom so I'm focusing on these areas first than anything. I feel like I've been slashing things off my to do list so I've been pretty productive lately. Our next on the list is our queen headboard. I've been gushing over this one from Joss & Main. We would either go with this option or just get on our creative side and make our own upholstered headboard until we are in our own house. Either way, I'm super excited. I'm also in love with these pillows for the bedding too. This is a snapshot our nightstand and bed currently.

More to come :) 


Just like that...

And just like that - I took 2 months away from blogging. I got hit with writer's block BIG TIME and haven't looked back ever since. There has been so much stuff going on lately. School is insane and God has blessed me with another design job in the works. My mom's kitchen is going great. We already started on her living room space since we are waiting on some stuff for the kitchen in the meantime. So the past week I met an amazing girl named Mckenzie and we share a love for Jesus and interiors. :) We are seriously twins and we have so many road trips planned out together already. We decided to head to Waco, TX and visit the famous Magnolia Market. You guys might have seen Fixer Upper on HGTV and we both LOVE the Gaines family. Joanna's style is amazing. We had no clue that there would be a line into the market until we got there. The line went by pretty quick but here we are thinking this would be a semi quick trip to their store...we were totally wrong! If you are planning to go to visit the market, you should definitely go on a weekday. It was just hilarious to be honest. Visitors from all over were there with no Joanna and Chip in sight but it was a pretty neat experience overall. We drooled over her taste in home decoratives and outdoor gardens + more. "I want her life" came out our mouth like about 40 times walking around. Everyone seemed to be normal about everything except for us lol!

I love you, Mckenzie! I'm glad we got to meet and I'm so happy and excited for more of our many adventures together!

Here is a sneak peak of my mom's living room :)