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I never really wear jewelry. In fact, I have never even worn a ring that I was absolutely in love with until Aurelio proposed to me and gave me an amazing vintage gold diamond ring. I am all about that minimalism look now a days. There's nothing that makes me happier than walking around with a plain t, skinny jeans and a pair of black booties. I will talk about my black wooden heel booties later! (Must have for all women) I remember looking at minimal rings one morning through the gram and one company that stood out for me was Vrai & Oro. This jewelry company is based out of Los Angeles and tells the story of truth and gold. Real gold, that is. I fell in deep love with their minimal rings. The Skinny Stacking Ring to be exact. I don't know - I just love the whole simple and elegant look of a ring. You can pair it with anything. They even have midis in this collection. Anyway, Aurelio did notice that I have been eyeing this ring for a while now. One Saturday morning, Aurelio woke up and ran to our front door. He busted through the room door and sang, "It's hereeeee". I had no clue what he was talking about. He told me to close my eyes and slowly open. There it was. A beautiful Skinny Stacking Ring. JUST FOR ME! Can I just tell you guys, that I have an amazing husband. I'm not one for surprises and I usually know if someone is throwing me a surprise party and/or any surprise at that but Aurelio did an amazing job at not saying a word. My mom was even in and it's so hard for my mom to keep something on the hush sometimes. I love my minimal stacking ring. I was eyeing the 14k rose gold and that's exactly what Aurelio got me. Isn't it beautiful? 

What kind of jewelry are you all into? 


*photos by me

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