An Organized Workstation

I just love scrolling through the IG and finding the most amazing workspace photos. I know more than half of the time our workstations don't even look close to a photo we post on IG but it sure does look dreamy that one time where we actually have time to set it up and make it look amazing. I'm a true believer that a nice and clean workstation can make you work better. I've also realized that I work better when a desk is white. According to some people, white is a color of perfection - meaning that if we are in a work environment that is airy with white desks, people tend to work harder and are focused on what needs to be done. Anyone agree or disagree?

Aurelio and I have been on a hunt for lofts and one of my main points to have in a loft are huge windows and white walls. We have fallen in love with one building in particular but we haven't really made a final decision. A white space can create many possibilities with your decor. I'm not saying that you must be boring in your decor but you have a chance to express your interior design with pops of colors. And if you work from home, this can be a huge plus to bring in accents on your workstation as well. I love gold and white together so my current workstation brings in just that. I also have a pop of pale celadon within my stationary. I love it!


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