A grey and pink nursery

This weekend we spent it low key with family. It was Aurelio's 27th birthday and we celebrated by cooking out with family. I am currently on a low sugar and carb lifestyle. Yes, I call it a lifestyle because that's exactly what I'm doing and I love it. My skin is baby smooth and my energy is pretty high right now. I do have my days where I'm craving sugar but I end up eating berries. I'm exercising everyday now thanks to my accountability support + my trainer. All in all, it's pretty amazing. Above is my take on a grey and pink hue nursery and probably what I would have done if I had a baby girl already. Cute right? I'm loving carved white dressers and light woods. Every room also needs a floral arrangement of any kind. I love to bring a touch of nature into each room. 

Here's to another week in the books! Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead of you. It's supposed to get really bad tomorrow night around Dallas so we are ready to take on these tornadoes and hail. Love ya'll!



Gold with a hint of blue

If I ever had the money to design/decor a master bedroom for myself, this would be it. I love being able to mix and match materials in pieces of furniture. I also love acrylic thrown into the mix in any setting. Being an interior designer, our minds are open to any type of decor. I love it! Here is my take on the color gold with a hint of blue. I love these two colors together. This room is elegant and pleasing to the eye. White faux fur is also one of my current faves. Although, this mood board is pretty high end on pricing, a budget can still be met with different options out there. One word, LOVE.

Upholstered Bed // Gold Chest // Faux Fur Bench // Club Chair // Acrylic End Table // Artwork // Table Lamp // Flower Arrangement // Bed Throw Pillows // Gold Throw Pillow // Rug


A perfect living room

I love doing mood boards and I want to thank my wonderful husband for installing Photoshop on my laptop the other night. This specific mood board was inspired by my interior design love that I have for Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I've been binge watching Season 3 on Netflix and I have to control myself at times because her decor/life inspires me so much. I know a lot of people use the 'farmer chic style' but everyone loves it right now and it only opens itself to more design inspirations for the future, right? Anyway, here's my first mood board using Photoshop :) I will add the links below for each piece. Love you guys! 

Dearne Sectional // Stiller Coffee Table // Floral Arrangement // Club Chair // End Table // 
Decorative Pillow // Table Lamp // Sisal Rug // Glidden Paints 

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And the lists go on...

As our semester comes to a close, I reflect on many amazing times I've had while I attended UTA. I really am going to miss school. Aurelio and I have many plans for our future. There are so many options for us and we are incredibly grateful for everyone who has stood behind us 110%. We are oh so very grateful to have our church, best friends and family by our side. Oh, and T-minus 5 weeks until we are back in Colorado again. We didn't even know Colorado was going to happen due to Aurelio's schedule at work but I know this will be the perfect time for us to relax and be calm before anything crazy happens. I could tell you our main goal/dream even if it doesn't come for a long time. We have realized how much we love Colorado so we do plan on making the big move there in the future. I shouldn't even say it's a huge move since it's only 12 hours away. Practically a state away right?! What can we say, we love the snow. Exciting right? The gaming/software industry is just so much better there than it is here in Texas so that's a plus for Aurelio. In the meantime, we will be here in Texas for the next 2 years. :) While we are here, I plan on finishing up remodeling my parent's home and maybe investing in one of our own? Maybe? Who knows. Here are some links that have inspired us lately, including one that really inspires me but not so much Aurelio. It's pretty funny since I feel like everyday I'm trying to convince him that living tiny is the way to go. Obviously, he ain't having it.

Living tiny 

We are so happy we did this!

The best kitchen makeover....ever by my favorite IGrammer...ever @sarahalchmist

Loving the designer of month over at Wayfair

Have you heard? Marimekko for Target :)

More on living tiny + minimal  << can you tell I'm serious? ;)