A grey and pink nursery

This weekend we spent it low key with family. It was Aurelio's 27th birthday and we celebrated by cooking out with family. I am currently on a low sugar and carb lifestyle. Yes, I call it a lifestyle because that's exactly what I'm doing and I love it. My skin is baby smooth and my energy is pretty high right now. I do have my days where I'm craving sugar but I end up eating berries. I'm exercising everyday now thanks to my accountability support + my trainer. All in all, it's pretty amazing. Above is my take on a grey and pink hue nursery and probably what I would have done if I had a baby girl already. Cute right? I'm loving carved white dressers and light woods. Every room also needs a floral arrangement of any kind. I love to bring a touch of nature into each room. 

Here's to another week in the books! Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead of you. It's supposed to get really bad tomorrow night around Dallas so we are ready to take on these tornadoes and hail. Love ya'll!



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