The Eclectic Look

I've seen this type of interior design everywhere lately and I can't help but fall in love with this style more and more. The touch of the moroccan style is so beautiful to me. I'm so jealous of anyone who has this diamond shaped rug. I'm patiently waiting to purchase mine but in the meantime, I will create an amazing board like the one above! I'm loving all my photoshopped mood boards. I can't wait until you guys see more. I am currently studying for my final final final final exam and starting Monday, I will be on that full time work mode. It's time for Aurelio and I to replenish our mighty and helpful savings account once again. Things happen and well, this time was more than we expected but it happens right? We can just move on and thank the lord we that we are financially stabled including more than we can imagine. God is incredible. 


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