Colorado Mountains

It's been a week and half since we got back from Colorado. It was an amazing vacation. We absolutely love the mountains. We stayed near Centennial this time and it was beautiful. Thank you to to the Marriott for having wonderful hotel services. We took advantage of their Bistro Cafe along with all the Starbucks we could. I have never stayed in a hotel where their food was beyond delicious. We will definitely be going back soon. 

We traveled up north to Denver and went more up to Boulder, CO. We stayed in Boulder the first time we went to CO and it's your typical college town with a drop dead gorgeous mountain scenery. If you stay west in CO, you will not miss the mountain scenery. It's like every time we walked outside, we couldn't take our eyes away from the distant snowy mountain tops. We love it! We love east CO too with its vast lands and still some mountain views. We were daredevils and hiked all of the area around the Red Rock Amphitheater. Talk about a hike! I thought I was going to die. Aurelio was a pro but I just couldn't handle it at times. I seriously thought I was going to faint. We were not prepared for this hike either. We didn't even bring water?! I know. Ridiculous. We did get to spot some wildlife which was awesome too. We even went to IKEA near our hotel. From hiking to IKEA - it was just awesome. 

To be honest - CO is in our near future. The mountains are calling our name and we must GO! (as well as financial freedom) Aurelio texted me yesterday and said that he's all for the tiny house experience. I've been a fan of the tiny house experience ever since I could remember. We would love to just get a small piece of land a have our tiny house for a while. Our love for Colorado just continues to grow and we couldn't be more excited for the future. I can already see our small home settling on CO land. 

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