A Blueberry Pie!

The one thing I love about the weekends is that I get to make that one amazing dessert for my family. My family is all about the sweets. I try not to get involved in the sugar but sometimes it's okay to have a small taste. Sugar is definitely my weakness. I've been slowly but surely getting into the habit of working out everyday and it's been great! I've been keeping up with my BBG program at home and I can finally see the difference. FINALLY - I'm beginning my 8 weeks on the program tomorrow too and I'm so happy with the results so far. 

Back to this recipe I took from All Recipes. I am not any pro but I'm sure learning and there has been major progress in the kitchen. In fact, there's been so much progress that I decided to host a dinner party this Friday night for my high school girls that I basically grew up with. I'm so excited to serve them and for them to try out what I can cook/bake.    

My plan was to cook a cherry pie but we had a whole carton of blueberries just waiting to be baked. I scratched the cherry filling and made the blueberry filling instead. My uncle and aunt also got super excited when they came over. So this is my first homemade blueberry pie! I'm proud of it and even though I got a small taste from it, the smell was pretty awesome and I'm glad my whole family got to enjoy it :) 

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