I wish I had a good excuse as why I haven't posted lately. To be honest, I don't - other than my full time job and what not. Aurelio and I just got back from another round of Colorado. This time we stayed in Golden, Colorado and it was probably 10x as beautiful as it was last time. We headed towards El Dorado State Park and stayed there most of our time. We went with his family this time and it was a trip to remember. We had amazing hole in the wall Mexican food and we basically ate until we collapsed. I'm seriously paying for it now. Here I am 3 lbs later wishing I had more self control. LOL. Anyways! We then headed towards St. Mary's in Idaho Springs. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER! we loved every bit of it. We just booked another Colorado trip for New Years and this time it will be just me and my husband. :) Can't wait to see more of this beautiful state. Investment property coming soon? Maybe, maybe...we will see!

I am currently looking for a more professional camera! I'm so excited to finally get my hands on one! 


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