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So it's officially back to school week for the little one in our household. My 5 year old nephew J will be heading back into the halls of his elementary school as a kinder kid. I think I'm more excited than he will ever be. I'm kinda sad too since time is going by so quick. By the time we know it, he will be graduating from high school. God willing. We did all our back to school shopping super early! I made a clear budget for his clothes and school supplies and surprisingly we hit that budget pretty good. I love back to school shopping. Speaking of back to school shopping - check out these cute children's stationary at Minted! I could use every single one of them.
While I take a break on thinking about Jayden's upcoming school year, We have been doing loads of research on tiny home interiors/decor. As many of you know, Aurelio and I have been considering on living the tiny life and we are writing all the pros and cons on living minimal. I love this decor concept on tiny living:

I love white and wood together right now. It's so pleasing to my eye and it's so clean. I don't know if we are really wanting to live under 200 sqft though. You can read all about this subject here. This sounds unrealistic for us. I think we could aim for bout 500 sqft maybe? We also have 2 grown cats that we also need to think about! I'm also loving these concept photos:

That green! LOVE everything. You can see this Barcelona home tour here!

Here are other fav links of mine from last week:

Delicious homemade blueberry pie that I actually made this evening with my family. This recipe will have its own blog post soon :)

Aurelio has been playing this game non stop and I actually like it. (No Man's Sky!)

Patiently waiting for my cookbook by Molly Yeh! I just love her and she's so inspiring!


I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!


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