A beautiful hike + the perfect Timbuk2 backpack

It's been three weeks since we came back from our CO trip and we miss it so much already. On one of our days, we headed up to Cheyenne Mountain State Park. We hiked for about 30 min until the snow was way too slippery to stand. It's pretty crazy hiking up snow since you never know what could be underneath. For example, when Aurelio decided to walk across a creek, not knowing there was even a creek underneath the snow. It was pretty hilarious actually. All we heard was cracking in the ice/snow and there goes my husband trying to survive. All this with my camera around his neck and his new messenger bag from Timbuk2. I love him for being such a good sport and climbing up a steep hill on the other side of the creek onto the road. I bet people thought he was one crazy bearded man. He sure did learn his lesson about hiking in snow. Overall, Cheyenne Mountain State Park was beautiful. I was hoping we would see some bears but no luck, just a couple deers.

For Christmas, I gave Aurelio a Timbuk2 messenger bag. The backpack he needed (wanted) was at the very top of his list so I wanted to surprise him before we headed to CO with his bag. Aurelio is a biker too so this backpack will definitely help him when he rides to work. He decided on the Spire 15-inch Macbook Laptop Backpack. When I opened the bag to wrap it up, I couldn't believe the quality of bags Timbuk2 made. They are all handmade in San Francisco. You can see their video here. We are all lovers of handmade products within the US so I has so happy when he opened up his gift and saw the first thing I got him. In fact, we loved Timbuk2 bags so much, we got another one for his sister and she loved it. The Spire backpack has loads of storage for everyday necessities for the avid biker and perfect for a 15-inch laptop. It has extra support that can be tied around your stomach for more support. This came in handy for Aurelio when he was hiking which was awesome! 

Do you guys have any favorite travel bags? Let us know about them!


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