A Tiny Home Made for Us

I guess you can say that Aurelio and I have been wanting a tiny home for about a six months now. i was the one who initially fell in love with them and the overall lifestyle of living tiny. Aurelio was the one who needed convincing when I first talked to him about a tiny home. I was always so scared of people talking us out of it. To be honest, some people already have good points on why we shouldn't own one which made me want to get one even more. I know, I know - you've seen those episodes on TV all about tiny home living. When people say this to me, I wait until they begin telling me things about how THEY couldn't even start to think about living in one. That's just the point - they couldn't but WE can. I remember watching one of the tiny home episodes when Aurelio sat next to me then saw all the potential and financial freedom we could get from living tiny. HE WAS FINALLY ON THE SAME PAGE AS I WAS, which made me super excited and happy! This could be an investment for us which was one of the main points for us.

For New Years, we decided to take a trip up to CO. I really wanted to go skiing this time around (we have been to CO so many times now) but I got sick the first few days there. It was nice to stay in the hotel though. When Aurelio searched up tiny home builders, Tumbleweeds Tiny Homes came up so that was our main point in going to Colorado Springs this time. We were hopeful we could get all the information we could about living tiny. Well, WE SURE DID! We even got to walk into some tiny homes they were building at that point. Tumbleweeds Tiny Homes designate times specifically for tours so we were so excited to see everything they had to offer AND can I just say, all of their tiny homes are RVIA certified which makes them RV certified if they build them for you. 

After the tour was done, the sweet tour lady asked if anybody was ready to speak to a sales person. Lucky for us, we actually booked a meeting two weeks in advance with one of their sales people. His name was Ray and we had such a wonderful time talking about everything from our own questions and concerns to our finances. Overall everyone there helped us out ALOT. When the meeting was over, we knew exactly what we needed to do now. WE WANT TO GO TINY AND WE DON'T CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS. 

As you may know, we absolutely love Colorado. We would like to travel to more states with more nature-esque sights but we would also like to bring a tiny home along if we could. At first we were thinking about an RV but at the end of the day, we loved what a tiny home could do for us. You see, we couldn't really rent out an RV if we wanted to. We could sell it, of coarse, but we wouldn't have anything anymore to travel. Aside from all this, we want to buy a small piece of land in CO and place our tiny home there. Anytime other people want that tiny home experience for 2-3 days, we could have our tiny home on our land ready for use. This is actually where we are at now. There's a process for everything apparently LOL. We know what we need/want. Many communities haven't gone tiny just YET but having a Tumbleweeds tiny home makes it easier since they are RV certified. We are patiently waiting to hear back from one potential property that we are eyeing but if it doesn't work out then, on to the next one, right? We just need to make sure we have the land first before anything. This also gives us time to bring in a larger deposit. 

Overall Aurelio and I are super excited for this year. I know there will be setbacks but it's going to be so worth it. Here are some photos from our tour. Just look at Aurelio's face in the photos. He looks so happy LOL. This is something I never thought would happen. By the way, if you visit Tumbleweed's page, we are looking at the Roanoke tiny home. It's a beauty in real life. 

Yay for tiny home photos! They were actually so much bigger in person. Anyway, thank you for all the support. We love you all! If you guys are not following me on IG >> follow me here! >>>

I am posting all of our travel photos from this trip. 



  1. Love it! So excited for you both. I stayed in a tiny home for a weekend down in South Texas to see what it was like so I know how exciting they are...glad y'all are doing for it!

    1. Thank you!!! we really need to have that coffee date soon <3