Our Top 10 Favorite Interiors/Exteriors Tumblr Accounts!

The weekend should not be ending so soon. Actually, this weekend was a pretty productive one overall. We got to see family for a quick second, we helped my nephew Jayden with his 100 item project, I finished painting two doors in our hallway, and I caught up on all my e-design projects. We had to collect 100 items of any kind and glue them a sheet of project paper. We went with a canvas and had a painting session which J loved! He said he wanted to paint more in the future. I love how creative he can be! My mom took me to At Home since I wanted to get some wicker basket storage for our bathroom reno. By the way, I can't wait to show you our bathroom renovation. The next things on my list is to paint the cabinets, add hardware, get lighting, buy the sink, and add the new counter top. That's actually a lot of things to do as I type this...anyways, I can't wait to show you the before and afters. That brings me to the point of this post...INTERIOR/EXTERIOR INSPO TUMBLR ACCOUNTS that we can't get enough of - Tumblr is the best source for inspiration for interior design overall, in my opinion. I seriously don't know how these people do it. I can be on Tumblr all day just wishing and hoping my place could look as good as the photo they post.

So today we are sharing our top 10 Tumblr accounts we can't get our eyes off of - you will thank us later :)

1. The Cozy Space

Minimalism, anyone? I have been loving anything Scandinavian and this page has been getting it lately! I'm a huge fan of all white so I can look at pretty photos with all white interiors all day. They also have all dark wall eye catching photos, which is pretty to look at for a long time. 

This account has everything from modern to traditional. The one thing I absolutely love about this account is the amount of wood paneling design they have. I love a pop of wood texture anywhere. 

I love how this account puts emphasis on creative and modern stairways. Go check it out for yourself. I just can't enough of unexpected wooden beams in this living space. Beautiful colors going on too. Ughh. 

Almost in each photo of theirs, you see a touch of brass somewhere. I'm obsessed with brass accessories. :) 

5. Volk13

A tiny and modular home blog - OKAY! Everyone knows how much Aurelio and I love tiny home living. This one is a must see for anything inspo tiny homes. The life of living tiny just amazes us. 

An here is another of our favorites! Prefab! loving everything. If this doesn't make you want to get a tiny home then I don't know what will :) JK. It's okay, tiny living is not for everyone. We can also sit for hours and look at the beautiful lands most of these homes sit on. 

This one is a little different but so pretty to look at when you want to get inspired by nature and architecture. 

Decorlove is my go to for loft design inspo. Lofts are also one of my favorite spaces to look at. I would never live in one but the thought of it is nice. You could divide space into many different spaces which is great. 

So when I feel edgy and inspired by classic design, Vintage Luxe is my favorite. Something about vintage...we always need something vintage in any space, in my opinion. 

Last but not least - if you want an all around, any interiors tumblr account - you can come check out mine! :) I love Tumblr and I hope you find our list helpful. 

Please share any other tumblr accounts you love with us. 

We hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! 


**All photos C/O Tumblr.com

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