Tori's Bohemian Favorites

I cannot believe this year is already happening so fast- welcome to the second month of 2017!  Since I naturally have such an anxious personality, a mindset I set for myself this year was to be more easy going and relaxed. As February rolls around, I've got to keep in mind this goal and some inspiration for this relaxation I'm trying to achieve can even come from within! Within your home, that is. ;) 

Using bohemian styles & accents, you can create a delicate vibe and an overall welcoming and open space. To me, bohemian themes go hand in hand with the idea of being "easy going". This mood board I created displays some of our favorite pieces and colors that are spot on for a classic bohemian bedroom.  Being "bohemian inspired" doesn't necessarily have to mean far-fetched or unconventional decor by any means. Adding different textures, patterns, and bursts of color can create the open atmosphere you desire. Bohemian styles are oftentimes so appealing for the artistic flavors and bursts of quiet energy that seem so comfortable and homey! And who wouldn't want a cozy home? 

One of my particularly favorite trends is the colorful throw pillow. Adding a throw pillow, such as the one displayed in the board, to any space can add a hint of character. In this specific setting, it adds to the bohemian vibe by displaying more texture and color! As you can see, bohemian themes are one of my ALL TIME favorite styles of interior and it's so easy going, that it's practically timeless design. 

Do you guys have any favorite bohemian trends?  Happy February! Xo