When people think of minimalism in terms of interior design, they typically tend to think of it more as a lack of design.  Which, isn't true.  Just because minimalism is absent of elaborate & intricate designs and styles doesn't mean there is no structure to how to the design is displayed.

A question a lot of people ask themselves is, why exactly is minimalism trending?  What is it about this style that is so satisfying?  I personally love this style because of how sharp & to the point it is.  You can tell a lot about a person by the way they design their home and minimalism expresses such a clean, simple, and free idea without losing a sense of purpose.  Minimalism is so easy to achieve and although it doesn't bring "warmth" to the home, it can still bring the cozy feeling we all know and love.

Now,  how is minimalistic design even achieved? Two words: Bare. Essentials.  You must consider what is a priority in the space you are minimizing. You should remove any extra items not necessary for everyday life. If you have a room full of furniture with ornate designs, it would not look minimal at all. Lamps, blankets, clothing racks, small plants, etc. are all good items to incorporate into your minimalistic home.  Another VERY necessary step into minimizing a space is to only integrate neutral  colors.  Bright colors can often open up a space, but when trying to achieve the "bare essential" vibe, neutral colors are the only way to go.  Again, these things can sometimes scare people into thinking they are losing identity within a space, but when minimalism is attained sufficiently, it is easy to encompass any sort of identity in the home.

All in all, minimalistic designs have been a hot trend since the 1960's and I believe will continue to do so.  It may seem easy to achieve minimalism, but it is actually harder to commit to the reduced mindset and to continue to capture the affect. But who doesn't love a little challenge? :)

Here are some of my favorite minimalistic interiors!

***photo by: https://stylizimoblog.com/2015/01/05/before-and-after-bedroom/

***photo by:http://collection.decordove.com/post/149514007966/clothing-rail  


***photo by: http://www.homeyohmy.com/minimal-bedrooms-again/

***photo by: https://www.instagram.com/p/-lBSyaLjCw/


***photo by: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ_mYfXDese/

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