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Hi guys!  This week has been really rough for me, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.  But guess what! Today is Sunday and we can start fresh with a new week tomorrow.  As I was deciding on what I should blog about this week, it hit me that a lot of people probably would prefer to hear a very real & raw post rather than one I felt obligated to write. Even if this week was the best week of your life, we all have times of hardship and troubles and I hope this post is something you can come back to.  Personally, anytime I am having a hard time it somehow ties to how unorganized and unmotivated I am being at the moment.  It's as if the messier my room or work space is, the messier my life is. LOL.  Sounds a little extreme, I'm sure.  But, next time you don't feel well emotionally or spiritually, take the time to look around and analyze & evaluate your current situation.  That would also be the perfect time to think about what you are prioritizing at the moment and to make any adjustments as needed.  Being disorganized causes not only physical disaster but also emotionally.  So, today... I'm going to share with you guys some motivation/organization tips. ( Since, in my book, they go hand-in-hand.) Hope these are helpful!

1. Go Outside

Seems simple.  But, when I'm binge watching Netflix, getting up and going outside is possibly one of the last things I feel like doing.  And I know I'm not the only one. ;) But there's something about getting up and taking a few steps outside your home that can really motivate you.  Literally, just go outside.  Take a walk, go to the lake, and if you are like me, just start with a cup of coffee in your backyard...  It can do wonders.

2. Clean Something

Anything.  Your bedroom, kitchen,  your car, work space, etc.  You don't have to go all out and scrub your toilet with your toothbrush, even just organizing a stack of papers sitting at your desk will spark the idea.  To me, a clean and livable space equals a clean and livable mind.

3. Write Something Down

Obviously, for me this comes pretty natural.  For others, it might not be as enjoyable or easy.  Sometimes even picking up the pen is hard work.  But, writing down how you are feeling is a way of letting go & letting loose.  Have you ever bottled up all of your emotions and then let it all out at once & suddenly you were okay? Yeah, that's what happens when you verbally or physically express your emotions.  Except here, journaling could be done more often and you wouldn't have to bottle it all up.  Once emotions are let out, you feel free and motivation and organization can come easier to you.

4. Talk to Somebody

And no I'm not asking you to "get help" from a professional... but I'm also not telling you to talk to your BFF you text everyday.  I mean, call up someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Like an old family friend, high school buddy, distant relative, etc. Don't tell them you are using them as a therapy session, though. ;) Just have a nice conversation.  A refreshing talk can really get your mind set in the right place.  And you never know, your grandma might have something interesting to say.

5. Don't Think

This one is weird.  This one is really weird.  Thinking is really all we do as humans.  But sometimes over thinking can take us down a twisted path and we can deceive ourselves into putting ourselves into a different situation than the one we really should be experiencing. Let your thoughts pass and create a better reality for yourself.  Motivation really and truly doesn't come from anything but yourself and your mind.  In order to stay organized you must be motivated, and to be motivated you cannot pressure yourself to think deep thoughts 24/7.  Have self control & enjoy what life has to offer you.

I really hope you guys can take something away from this and use these very simple practicals that I attempt to do everyday in order to keep myself sane. Do you guys have any motivation/organization tips? Let me know!

Happy Sunday

-Tori Xoxo

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