If I could describe 2017 in one word, it would have to be - CHANGE. I feel like a lot has changed ever since my last post. One HUGE change has been that I finally got to to work from home as an independent interior designer under AG interior design. It’s been one week since I started and to be honest, it’s pretty weird! 

I’ve worked with William & Wesley for about 10 years as a design assistant and everyone there has prepared me in in every way possible to work for myself. Learning the business side of owning a business was a huge learning curve for me but it was so exciting too. I could have never done this without WW’s help. I give them all the credit and I am so grateful for taking me in at such a young age. 

On another note, it’s so weird having my own hours, working in my pajamas, and being with my kitties all day. I do miss interacting with my co-workers but I know this all goes along with working alone sometimes. I have also set some goals for the upcoming year and one of them on the list is to BLOG MORE! I might not have much to say now, but I promise I will get better and better. We are also headed to CO soon - who knows, we might just buy a cabin of some sort. Oh! the possibilities :)  

SO here goes everything! Cheers to working more hours than I have ever known (lol!), bringing my laptop everywhere I go + everything else entrepreneurship has to offer! I am so ready.