Designing our future master bedroom during quarantine

Hi everyone! I am so glad to be back here! As you all may know Texas is currently under a "shelter in place" due to COVID-19. I have never seen anything like this before. These past two weeks have been filled with many emotions. I miss hanging out with my best friends and family. I know we will get through this tough time stronger than ever though! I have decided to come back to my blog and create content for you guys. :)

With being quarantine for two weeks at our apartment, it gave me and Aurelio time to design our future master bedroom. I am obsessed with designing photoshop renderings for clients and I just feel like this was the best time to design one of our own. I'm currently obsessing over Pure and Salt Interiors. They just get me. Their use of neutral and textured elements have me drooling over their IG page for hours. They were definitely my main inspiration for our master bedroom.

I know for sure we want an upholstered bed like this one from Lulu & Georgia. I'm also not afraid to admit that I actually purchased this rug already and I am so excited for it to come in. I will link all our items on our Pinterest board here! :) We have decided all our master bedroom items we have now will be moved to a guest bedroom. I'm still in love with all our pieces we have though!

It has been so much fun designing this space. I cannot wait to show you our apartment now in our next blog post.

Now back to our quarantine time in Dallas. Thank you all for being so patient with me and blogging. Please follow us in IG and Pinterest!

Much love!