What I do everyday!

I get a lot of friends/family asking me what I'm doing / how I'm doing during this Dallas, TX shut down. The truth is that I'm still working and I'm so grateful that I can still work from home no matter how hard times get. I'm not going lie, it's definitely hard when you don't have your main crew around you most of the day. I'm also grateful that I work with my best friends on a daily basis. I miss my best friends so much!

While working, I think to myself how I can become engaged more to my hobbies that I love. I work in AutoCad and Photoshop almost everyday. Since I was 19, I grew to love programs that helped illustrate my design work. I never knew in a million years that photoshop would become another essential tool for projects. When I started my small e-design company, I didn't know jack of photoshop, believe it or not. I remember asking my husband to download photoshop so I could start learning from scratch. Just yesterday I showed some of my earliest work to him and we laughed so hard! I know I still have a lot to learn but I'm so happy with my progress. I'm finally at that stage where I want to teach people photoshop specifically for our industry.

Here is a recent e-design project I just completed and I got the chance to make an actual video of the progress with sound! WITH SOUND, PEOPLE! I am so excited! Along with interiors, I have managed to learn all about exteriors too which is super fun.

I want to know how many people would be interested in a full monthly course to teach you all about photoshop for interior designers. :) Let me know if you are down! I hope you guys enjoy my first ever rendering video. Back to quarantine life. Who else is ready for this to be over?!


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